Our contributions and Publications

1. We delineated a novel post transcriptional mechanism dictating cellular homeostasis (Nature, 2011b).     View More
2. We developed a defined in-vitro model molecularly and functionally recapitulating human embryonic cardiovascular development (Nature, 2011a, Nature Methods, 2013).   View More
3. We identified a cohort of lncRNAs and novel regulatory networks choreographing human cardiovascular lineage commitment (Genes and Development, 2013).
4. We identified and characterized three evolutionarily conserved lncRNAs essential for vertebrate embryonic development (in review).


1. Formation of hematopoietic progenitor cells from mesenchymal stem cells PCT/US2011/057542
2. Robust and efficient differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to multipotent vascular progenitors PCT/US2012/025449
3. Generation of vascular progenitor cells by indirect reprogramming (applied, approval pending)


1. Transcriptomic analysis reveals conserved long non-coding RNAs critical for vertebrate development (in revision)

2. In Vivo Activation of a Conserved MicroRNA Program Induces Mammalian Heart Regeneration Cell Stem Cell Vol 15, Issue 5, 6 November 2014, Pages 589–604

3. Conversion of human fibroblasts to angioblast-like progenitor cells Nature Methods.
Nature Methods 10 , 77–83 (2013)
(Also highlighted by news and views: Nature Methods 10,44–45 (2013))

4. Polyamine sensing by nascent ODC antizyme stimulates decoding of its mRNA Nature. 2011 Sep 7;477(7365):490-4

5.Coordinate Nodal and BMP inhibition directs Baf60c-dependent cardiomyocyte commitment GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2013 November 1; 27:2332–2344

6. Recapitulation of premature ageing with iPSCs from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. Nature 2011 Apr 14;472(7342):221-5